Cook Wealth Management Group

Comprehensive Wealth Management

At Cook Wealth, we align your finances with your unique goals and values, offering services beyond what you expect from a wealth planner. As your exclusive CFO, we do more than your financial planning and asset management – we optimize your taxes, coach you to help pursue your goals through our Life Planning service, and more. The more we know about where you want to go, the better we can help you get there.

Why choose Cook Wealth as your exclusive CFO? Here are just a few reasons.

Holistic Approach

Pursuing your dreams takes effort and energy, leaving little time for managing your wealth.

With Cook Wealth, you have an accountant, financial advisor, investment advisor, and life coach. Plus, we carefully select partners to help you with a variety of other needs. Nothing is missing. While any one of our services is tremendously valuable, all of our services offered in a coordinated effort give you the maximum benefit.

Technical Excellence

We know what questions to ask and where to find the answers that best apply to your unique situation. With more than 100 years of combined experience in wealth planning, and extensive experience in a variety of related professions, like accounting and counseling, we have the necessary credentials to bring together and proactively coordinate your entire financial picture. See our bios here.

World-Class Service

We work hard to assist you. If we can do something for you, we will – for your convenience and for your benefit. Just one of the ways our proactive client service can help: by saving you time. There will be no driving from office to office, no transferring documents from place to place; we’ll have all your important records stored in-house and eliminate the complexities of working with more than one company.

Allow Cook Wealth to be your exclusive CFO.
Allow us to design a plan customized to your needs.
Allow us to help you make your ideal life your real life.