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What Questions Should I Ask When Selecting a Wealth Advisor?

You may be looking for help from a wealth advisor for a number of reasons – you’re buying a new home, you’re planning for retirement or your children’s education, or you simply don’t have the time or expertise to get your finances in order. We recommend asking any potential advisor the following questions. We’ve provided our answers; does our style and approach fit your needs?

How Your Credit Score Adds Up

Monitor and improve your credit score with these easy steps.

Winter Energy Bills – Cut Costs Now and Later

Keep your home’s temperature up and your monthly costs down.

How the Gates Foundation is Giving

In the last 50 years, charitable giving in the U.S. has increased every year – except two: 1987 and 2009. Enter Bill Gates, a man who gives plenty and has plenty to give.

Why Isn’t Cook Wealth Promoting Roth Conversion?

Roth conversion seems to be the latest trend, and like many trends, years from now those who participate may ask themselves, “What was I thinking?”

Protect Yourself from Identity Theft

Strange call from your “bank”? Weird charge on your statement? From dumpster diving for personal information to more advanced technological methods like internet fraud, identity theft occurs at an alarming rate. What can you do to protect yourself?

Got a Match? 401(k)s and Employer Contributions

Since mid 2008, around 5% of U.S. employers have ceased matching 401(k) contributions. To maximize your savings, whether your employer offers 401(k) matching or not, consult your advisor.

Credit Card Fees – The Ups and Downs

As of August 2010, credit card companies must comply with the Credit Card Accountability Responsibility and Disclosure Act of 2009. Card companies must encourage timely payment by making fees more obvious. But be aware – they’ll also be looking for new ways to create revenue.

Back to School – Is it Time to Save with a 529 Plan?

While you’re still packing school lunches, pack away some cash in a 529.

How Will Healthcare Reform Affect You?

Although it will be years before all laws in the healthcare bill commence, health insurance is beginning to change and will likely continue to do so in the next decade.