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Tax Planning

Is a 529 Distribution Really Tax-Free?

If the proper steps aren’t taken, you may owe taxes on your 529 distribution. To make sure the total distribution is actually tax-free, read on..

Uh Oh… I Got an IRS Notice

Don’t panic. Often the IRS just needs additional information to clear up a difference between their records and yours.

Don’t Wait in Line, Go Online –

Got tax questions? The IRS website may have the answers.

Affordable Care Act Provisions In Effect

The Affordable Care Act, enacted on March 23, 2010, contains a number of tax provisions; these are in effect now.

2010 Tax Act

After many months of speculation, tax cuts have been extended for two more years. Read on for more on these extensions.

2011 Tax Calendar

Review this calendar for tax due dates throughout the year.

Tax Efficient Charitable Giving

Donations must be made on or before December 31 to be deductible on this year’s return. Learn more about charitable giving – donating, deducting, and documenting – here.

Grow Your Retirement Savings

Are you unhappy with your 401(k) balance? You probably should be. Most people under 40 are not on track to retire comfortably. What can you do to grow your savings?

Save Your Tax Records – If Not For Audit, For Peace of Mind

Ever wonder if you’re wasting space by holding on to all those tax records?
You’re not.

Looking For a Job?

If you’ ve been laid off, you could qualify for a tax break on your job search expenses. Travel costs, staffing agency fees, and more may be deductible.