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What Questions Should I Consider When Selecting a Tax Preparer?

Who better to prepare your tax return than the same professionals who work with your finances throughout the year? Before choosing a tax preparer, ask the following questions…

  • Will they go beyond completing the forms and take a tax optimization approach, advising on tax savings strategies and identifying tax savings opportunities on a timely basis?
  • Are they interested in knowing your overall financial situation so that they can ask appropriate questions to reduce your overall tax bill?
  • Are they up to date on all current tax legislation, especially in the current changing environment?
  • Are they experienced in dealing with your special circumstances, such as dealing with residents of multiple states? Are they able to prepare multi-state returns and are they familiar with tax issues affecting US residents living abroad?
  • What level of tax experience, education, and certifications do they have? Are they members of any professional organizations that require and/or provide continuing education and hold them to a code of ethics?
  • Does the preparer personally work with you or will your case be referred to someone else? Can you expect to work with the same person year after year so that they are familiar with your situation and can ensure you are paying the appropriate taxes?
  • Will the preparer represent you if you are audited? Will the preparer pay any penalties caused by his or her errors?
  • How many clients does the tax preparer have? Will they be able to give your return the attention it needs?

We are proud to offer Tax Planning, an essential piece of comprehensive wealth management. If we’re managing your wealth, we’re considering all the above tax issues and more. With Cook Wealth as your team, you won’t be missing a piece of the puzzle.