Cook Wealth Management Group

Asset Management – Advancing & Protecting

Complex markets demand careful planning for the best investment advice. We do not adhere to a one-size-fits-all investment philosophy – for us that doesn’t exist. Below are some of the steps we take as we manage your assets.

Understand your Needs

We recognize the importance of getting to know you – your values, financial needs, your financial goals, and your lifestyle. This step is always worthwhile because it helps us help you.

Design a Customized Portfolio

Allow us to implement a customized investment strategy based on your unique needs.


Through market fluctuation or life changes, we continually review your financial situation, communicate clearly to you what needs to be done, and carry out any necessary adjustments to realign your investment strategy with the rest of your plan.

Advance & Protect

As you get closer to achieving your goal, we will look for ways to reduce risks and to protect what you have accumulated. Protecting what you have is made possible through our ongoing communication with you.


We encourage you to be disciplined and resistant to emotional response. We want you to succeed, and we want you to learn how to be a successful investor.

Success is not outperforming your neighbors and coworkers or beating an industry benchmark, but achieving a long-term personal rate of return that meets your goals. We do this by selecting management teams with proven track records, low expenses, and disciplined approaches. Next we incorporate them into a customized portfolio based on your capacity for risk, your tax situation, your life goals and your time horizon. After the initial portfolio is constructed, we continue to monitor the progress toward your goals to determine if any modifications are necessary. We measure progress not through the normal stock market indexes, but through obtaining a long term personal rate of return that will help you make your ideal life your real life.

When designing portfolios, we utilize four components:

  • Core Equity – Invested in designated equity sectors at all times
  • Active – Flexible investment mandates allowing managers to allocate capital on a worldwide level across various asset classes
  • Defensive (Non-correlated) – Asset classes that tend to move independently, relative to the rest of the markets movements
  • Fixed Income – Investment in worldwide debt markets

Our Methodical Investment Process

Security selection – Through our extensive industry experience we select securities based on what value they bring to the overall portfolio. We select money managers who have been “serial winners” through good and bad markets and are disciplined in their investment approach.

Custom asset allocation – Just as each client is unique, so is his or her portfolio. Based on life goals, risk capacity, tax situation, and ideal time frame, we design portfolios that are customized to each client’s needs.

Watch list – We continually monitor our security selection. Although short-term underperformance is a possibility for even the best managers, a change in security fundamentals may warrant heightened focus.

Sell discipline – We believe it’s imperative to always have an exit strategy. Over time fund managers can change, fund expenses can increase, and funds can become undisciplined in their investment approach. We utilize our collective expertise in deciding when to take action.

If you would like any further information about our fee-based asset management or other areas of investing, please contact us.
*Nominal transaction charges may apply. See Special Services information for exceptions. Fee-based accounts are offered through LPL Financial.