Cook Wealth Management Group


Founded in 1984, and serving successful executives, business owners, retirees, and their heirs, Cook Wealth Management Group’s holistic approach allows clients to enjoy more time for family, friends, and leisure. With more than 100 years of experience in wealth planning, we proactively coordinate every aspect of our clients’ finances so that they can lead their ideal lives.

Wealth management goes beyond financial advice at Cook Wealth; our team offers a full range of services – from retirement planning to debt management, asset protection to life planning, nothing is missing. Offering multiple services from under one roof is not just convenient. More importantly, it’s advantageous. We work closely with you, thoroughly examining your entire financial situation, not just a few parts of it. Our four primary services are Financial Planning, Asset Management, Tax Planning, and Life Planning.

Comprehensive Financial Planning, as we offer it, is the integration of your finances into your everyday life. In order to make your dreams a reality, we create a customized plan to achieve your goals and we offer continuous monitoring and support.

Asset Management is another way we assist you in pursuing your goals. With a clear understanding of your objective, we create a portfolio custom-made for you, designed to support your unique needs, advance your progress, and protect your wealth.

Tax Planning is a fundamental aspect of all areas of your finances. We look ahead and behind, frequently assess your tax situation, provide quarterly estimates, and strive to minimize your tax payments while avoiding penalties. We know what your tax return will look like long before we prepare it.